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Brian Chirgwin

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Welcome. Egrids new home.
« on: September 02, 2011, 09:43:26 pm »
When I started programming in PowerBasic, about 6 years ago, I reviewed a number of different grid controls on the market at the time. I finally settled on and purchased a copy of EGrid in May of 2006. Still, to this day, every time I use the EGrid control I find new feature I didn't know existed.

I was concerned when the EGrid web site stopped working and Elias was less visible on the PoweBasic forums. It is almost 1 year since I first asked Elias if he would sell the control. The decision of the purchase wasn't difficult as it is one of the most well thought out controls I've worked with. It has taken me a while to save enough funds to make an offer. Well, the transfer has finally completed. EGrid has a new home and bright future ahead.

The first step will be to provide an EGrid SLL. A COM interface version is also being considered.

The purchase is to support the users of the grid. I didn't want to see the grid unsupported. These forums are the new home for support, discussion, and feature requests of the Egrid control. You will also notice a board for tutorials which are in the works.

A separate board is available for feature requests. I will be paying very close attention to requests. If there is some feature you - add it here. If some else mentions a request and you like it, say so. It will be a goal to honor every request. Well every reasonable request anyway. Basically, the user base will have clear input to the direction and features of the grid control.

In addition to user input I have some ideas for features of my own. A new module or two may be on the horizon as well.

I look forward to continuing the great work Elias has started. I hope I can continue the same quality product Elias has over the years.

I hope to see Elias in the forums from time to time.

Brian Chirgwin